Supporting Activities

Vanguard International Scouting Association

Activities to Support Its Purposes and Objectives

  1. Serve as a liaison between Scouts and Scouters who are members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and BSA, other NSO’s and WOSM.
  2. Represent Latter-day Saint Scouters on the BSA Relationship Task Force and other BSA committees and encourage active participation on BSA committees at all levels:  National, Regional, Area, Council and District.
  3. Provide and coordinate, in connection with local Church leaders, Latter-day Saint chaplain services at Philmont Scout Ranch, National and World Jamboree’s and other Scouting encampments.
  4. Represent Latter-day Saint Scouts, Scouters and Scouting families at BSA National Jamborees, World Scout Jamborees and other Scouting events by providing Latter-day Saint Scouting exhibits, sponsoring Latter-day Saint Scouting events, etc.
  5. Provide a forum for connecting Latter-day Saint Scouters across the world to help them be more effective in using Scouting to further the youth objectives of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.
  6. Provide communications to Latter-day Saints involved in Scouting and others domestically and across the world concerning the benefits of Scouting in helping their youth reach their potential, develop life skills and develop character traits, and prepare them…for Life.
  7. Continue to build bridges of “friendship, fellowship and faith” with our Scouting friends from all different backgrounds and denominations across the world.
  8. Develop and promote a Religious Award to help Latter-day Saint Scouts, Scouting leaders and families learn and apply their Duty to God.  Provide written materials to describe the requirements for Scouts and leaders to earn the award and provide helps and materials to assist them in earning the award.
  9. Sponsor annual Conferences for Latter-day Saint Scouters at Philmont Scout Ranch.
  10. Develop materials to support the efforts of Latter-day Saint Scouters worldwide.
  11. Work with the BSA for periodic major maintenance of the chapel built by and used by Latter-day Saints at Philmont Scout Ranch.
  12. Work with BSA to develop marketing and recruitment materials to help grow Scouting, both domestically and internationally, among those of the Latter-day Saint faith.
  13. Encourage occasional Scouting encampments for Latter-day Saint Scouts, normally on a Scouting regional or area basis.
  14. Perform those other functions that will encourage active involvement in the Scouting programs of the BSA, other NSO’s worldwide by members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.
  15. Provide ideas to show how the work in various national Scouting programs can be used to support the new Church child and youth development program. The intent is to give a guide to the complimentary nature of the two programs and to show that youth efforts in one can also serve the youth in the other.

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