LDS Commissioner Orientation Now Online!


Introducing a new training module designed specifically for commissioners assigned to LDS units! The LDS Commissioner Orientation is a beginning training for high council advisors, members of stake Young Men presidencies, members of stake Primary presidencies (if designated by the stake presidency), and others assisting them in the role of commissioners. Narrated by former Young Men general president and current BSA National Commissioner, Charles W. Dahlquist, and created under the direction of the LDS-BSA Relationships office and the BSA National training team, this exciting online tool is the first step in helping commissioners learn specific roles and responsibilities to help LDS Church-sponsored Scouting units succeed.

The LDS Commissioner Orientation is now available here. Take it today!














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  1. Darryl Alder says:

    Timely content. Thanks Charles

  2. Richard Macbeth says:

    Is this the same one that has been up there for a few months now? I took it a few months ago and it was great. The only issue I had was that it does not fill the required course for commissioner on your records. Will this get resolved soon?

    1. Mark Francis says:

      No, this is an updated version so we encourage you to watch it again. It will not be recorded on your record since it is an orientation and not a formal BSA training.

  3. Bill Chapman says:

    Very excited about this new orientation specifically for LDS Commissioners! I will spread the word.

  4. MARLA THOMAS says:

    DONE. (I finished it at midnight of 11/30/16 on the day it was first posted!) I will now contact my High Counselor assigned to Scouting and add this record of orientation completion and let him know about it so he can share it with everyone. What a good review for me and a good way to direct those needing guidance. Thank you so much for this guidance and orientation. From, Grand Mamma Eagle.

  5. Gary Rogers says:

    Previously the link for this was under leader guides, where it was much easier to find. I was in a panic to find it just now as it is listed under the blog. I am using this to train commissioners tonight for round table. A must watch for all stake scouting leaders. Very well done. Thank You.

  6. Jim Jensen says:

    Hi, you probably have already heard this, but on slide 12 the President Monson quote about measuring performance is a little bit off. It’s supposed to say “the rate of improvement accelerates”, not the “rate of performance”. The original quote can be referenced here: Thanks for the great training!

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