Mac’s Special Message on the Church’s Continued Partnership with the BSA

Mac McIntire

Mac McIntire

Yesterday leaders of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints issued a statement from the Council of the First Presidency and Quorum of the Twelve Apostles regarding the Church’s relationship with the Boy Scouts of America. The Church reiterated its intention to continue to help the BSA “succeed in its historic mission to instill leadership skills and high moral standards in youth of all faiths and circumstances, thereby equipping them for greater success in life and valuable service to their country.”

As one who has been a fervent supporter of the tremendous role Scouting plays in developing strong young men of character, I am happy to hear of this decision by the Church. However, I know there are many people who have wished, and perhaps continue to wish, the Church would get out of Scouting. I have received emails from many people expressing their views of what a new Young Men program should entail. I, too, have speculated about what the components of an LDS-created “activity arm of the Aaronic Priesthood” program should be. But as I did so, I became more and more frustrated. When run properly, there is no better program for preparing boys to become future missionaries, husbands, fathers, and Melchizedek leaders than that which is provided by the Boy Scouts of America.

We still want boys who emulate the Scout Oath by doing their best to do their duty to God and country. We want boys who help other people at all times. We want young men who are physically strong, mentally awake, and morally straight. Most important, we want boys who are now, and will ever be, trustworthy, loyal, helpful, friendly, courteous, kind, obedient, cheerful, thrifty, brave, clean, and reverent. Why would the Church want to get away from that? Of course the answer is:  it doesn’t. That is why the Church leaders have spent a month to thoroughly consider this issue.

I sincerely hope any LDS Aaronic Priesthood leaders or parents who may have disengaged during this brief respite while the Church leaders pondered their position will reengage. I hope those who may have not supported Scouting in the Church in the past will rethink their position. I hope every member of the Church will firmly support the Council of the First Presidency and Quorum of the Twelve Apostles in their decision to “go forward as a chartering organization of BSA.” I testify that the values and principles espoused by the Boy Scouts of America still hold true in The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. No matter how much the world’s values may become diluted or contaminated, LDS Scouting and Aaronic Priesthood adult leaders and boys need to be “the light of the world. A city that is set on a hill and cannot be hid” (Matthew 5:14).

The views and opinions expressed in this message are solely those of the author.

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  1. Scott Smith says:

    Well said, Mac!

  2. Michael Waldron says:

    Thank you! Well written. Until the Lord directs through His Prophet and Apostles differently – it is onward and upward on the Scouting Trail! The world needs Scouting’s values. The world needs the gospel of Jesus Christ. Scouting needs the LDS Church (at least for now, and until otherwise directed). And what an inspired wonderful combination to develop young men into tomorrows leaders and to be a light to the world .

  3. Mac McIntire says:

    I’ve received quite a few emails prior to the posting of this message from people who are disappointed the Church is continuing to support the BSA. One note I received from a family member said, “I think that there could be a church program more powerful than the Scouting program and I think that the gospel, the Holy Ghost, and the covenants we make with the Lord are more powerful when fully inculcated in someone’s life than the Scout Oath/Law. There are many LDS young men and men in other countries that don’t have the Scout program and never will, yet they become better missionaries, husbands, fathers, leaders, employees and employers, etc, by accepting and living the gospel faithfully.”

    I responded by saying the Church already has everything she mentioned in its program for Aaronic Priesthood young men. Those things always have been and always will be a part of the Gospel. What’s amazing in the United States and Canada is the Young Men program has all of what she listed PLUS Scouting. That’s why it’s a program that is far more powerful than what the Church does in other countries because the values and activities of both the Church and Scouting are combined together in an inspired character development program.

    What is sad is that far too many LDS leaders and members don’t realize what a wonderfully inspired program the Church has in it’s partnership with the BSA. They don’t see what prophets, SEERS, and revelators see regarding how much better boys can be when the Scouting program in the Church is run the way the Lord has ALREADY designed it.

    1. JD says:

      I too had an opportunity to talk with those who wished we’d drop Scouting. The pattern I saw was that they felt the program they had experienced (or felt was the actual program) was a poor one and that we shouldn’t be doing it. It wasn’t the program that was bad, but rather their experience within the program.

      Those adults who had poor experiences as youth, were less likely to get behind the program. Those that had great experiences, as youth, tended to be very supportive of the program. Parents who felt we should leave, were the same one’s whose boys went through or are going through a poorly run program.

      Lesson – the future of Scouting rests on the shoulders of those adult leaders who will help shape the attitudes of future Young Men Leaders.

  4. Scott Mears says:

    Thanks Mac! I look at it like this: The concepts and teachings of Scouting are not just in concert with the Church, they are in complete harmony with the teachings of Christ. That makes them true and part of the gospel of truth. The BSA may flounder in these days, but Scouting, as laid out, will never fail to bring boys to Christ and build stronger Saints. So said President Benson and the spirit will confirm that to anyone who really wants to know. If the Saints would stop voicing their opinions and start seeking the truth as they know how, this would not be an issue.

    1. Scott Fortner says:

      Well said Scott!

    2. Rbl says:

      That last sentence….like the last talk by Elder Bednar at General Conference is so true and and so needed especially in our time.

  5. Bill Chapman says:

    Mac, thank you for devoting so much time, attention and inspiration to these important issues. You do an outstanding job of seeing the good in both scouting and the Church. We could pick either organization apart as to individual flaws and shortcomings but one would be gained by that?

    In the book, “Century of Honor” published by LDS BSA Relations, there is a great history about the development of the relationship between the BSA and the Church. My take is that the brethren who led the Church and held the keys of the kingdom at that time looked at what they were able to provide on a standalone basis and compared it to what could be done if a partnership were entered into with the BSA and decided on a partnership with the BSA.

    The relationship between the Church in the BSA has been a long and powerfully positive relationship. Again, this is because of the synergy between the BSA and the Church when it is used properly. As you have pointed out on numerous occasions, the criticisms I hear of scouting in the Church usually stem from a failure of our own leaders to understand and implement scouting program is designed.

    The training, resources and blessings of following the brethren when they adopted scouting in the United States was an inspired decision at the time it was made and it has been an inspired decision over the last 100 years to continue that relationship. Let’s sustain our living prophets, seers and regulators and fully implement scouting as the Lord has directed.

    1. Mac McIntire says:

      “Prophets, seers and regulators.” Freudian slip or are you making an intentional important point?

  6. Philip says:

    I really enjoyed you blog message Mac. I was just called this month to be the new Cubmaster in my ward. I am very excited for this opportunity and extremely thankful that the Lord has seen fit that we continue our relationship with the Boy Scouts of America.
    When I was cub some 20+ years ago I remember it being one of the most rewarding things that I have ever took part in. Now 20 some years later I hope to be able to pass the wonder and excitement that I had in my youth to a new young generation.

  7. Robert Mortensen says:

    With all the legal minds in the Twelve and the church’s legal team, I’m sure they’ve weighed the risk of on-going and expensive legal battles against the decision to withdraw from Scouting. I love the principles and methods of Scouting. I have often felt that the Church could easily replicate Scouting using the quorum structure rather than associate with a third party organization. So, why stick with an expensive third party? I believe that the missionary opportunities partnering with a non-denominational organization brings are pretty incredible…and thus part of the reason the Church has stuck with the BSA for so long.

    1. Anne Mullen says:

      As a unit commissioner one of my main goals is to help LDS units understand the wonderful opportunity we have to bring people to Christ through the scouting program. If, instead of complaining about not having enough boys or leaders we would reach out to the community we could have plenty of both! While we would not proselyte we would be making new friends in the community and might one day have the choice opportunity to invite them to learn more about the LDS church. If we just stick to our own comfortable environment in the church we will not grow, the scouting program will not grow, and we will be missing a wonderful opportunity.

  8. Lance Stalnaker says:

    Thanks for the message, we have all seen the comments and the poll, I think it said somewhere in the neighborhood of 60% of active member wanted out of BSA, well, for those of us active Scouters out there, we know that number to be accurate, that is about the percentage (if not more) of active Scouters and families that are not fully engaged in the program. And they wonder why they are not getting what they should out of it? You are spot on Mac…families please engage and encourage your boys to engage, this is the Lord’s program. If run correctly it can prepare our young men for leadership, missions, the Temple, and Eternal Life. Keep up the great work Mac.

  9. Gary Gudmundson says:

    The same thoughts came to my mind.

    Because as LDS we having taken upon us the name of Christ we are called upon to be “the light of the world. A city that is set on a hill and cannot be hid” (Matthew 5:14). We cannot be a light set on a hill if we disengage with an organization with such a great history and tradition.

    It is truly a joy to work with the other good leaders of youth at district and council events where we work together with other sponsoring organizations who might be Muslim Scouts, or other Christian, or Jewish and other faiths, who have something in common and hold the same values embodied in the Scout Law. The Spirit still testifies to our souls about the goodness of God when we sit in a council campfire at a non-denominational devotional at Woodbadge or another council camp.

    We do not have to actively proselyte during these encounters with other Scouters to share why we are engaged in the Scouting program and what it means to us.

    The youth of today are our future leaders in our families, in our churches, and synagogues or mosques, they are our leaders in communities, in schools, etc. We owe it to the youth. They are our future.

    We get out there and provide much needed service to our communities, not just in word, but in deed by truly living the Scout Law every day.


  10. David Vetter says:

    Thank you for the encouraging words. I agree completely, Mac.

    This last month has been rough for me as this anchor and purpose in my life, the vehicle I have committed to for helping me raise my sons, went through such a significant shift in policy. I am thankful it remains a part of the Aaronic Priesthood program for young men.

  11. Carl Minks says:

    I’m amazed that anyone could read that statement as anything but a warning to members that the church needs time to bring the US in line with the programs of the global Duty to God program. In this increasingly pro gay political environment can you really believe that the church would continue long term a relationship with an organization that can no longer offer us insulation from litigation? Does it even make sense that the church would leave the long term security of it’s members and leaders in the hands of the BSA after they passed this new policy in the dark of night? The fact that they made that decision in the manor that they did demonstrates that they have little or no loyalty to our position. It is impossible for me to believe that the church intends to leave the long term integrity of the activity arm of the Lord’s Priesthood in the hands of a governing body that clearly no longer shares our values. Wait and see how a new emphasis on a greatly expanded Duty to God program slowly and quietly takes over as scouting becomes less and less relevant to the church’s Aaronic Priesthood.

    1. JD says:

      Carl –
      “As leaders of the Church, we want the Boy Scouts of America (BSA) to succeed in its historic mission to instill leadership skills and high moral standards in youth of all faiths and circumstances, thereby equipping them for greater success in life and valuable service to their country.”

      “We want (BSA) to succeed” is pretty clear about where the Church stands with the BSA. You are welcome to intrepret how you want, but it seems pretty clear.

      “With equal concern for the substantial number of youth who live outside the United States and Canada, the Church will continue to evaluate and refine program options that better meet its global needs.”

      Equal concern for those who don’t have “Scouting” outside of the US/Canada the Church will continue to options that meet those youth. Interpret that to mean that the Church is concerned a substantial number of youth outside of USA/Canada should have a Scouting type program that they don’t have today.

      As for the Duty to God program, that is only part of the development of the Young Man. Scouting adds Citizenship, Leadership Development, and appreciation for the Outdoors, life skills, and mission preparation opportunities that Duty to God doesn’t. Both are complementary as Duty to God offers a more developed Spiritual balance to Scouting. For the boys who serve in Quorum Presidencies, Scouting adds a richer opportunity to magnify their callings in an environment that is outside of the Sunday School environment. Campfires and challenges in the outdoors soften a young man’s heart in a way that is different than in a classroom, which allows Scoutmaster Minutes/Testimony opportunities to sing deeper into the Young Man.

      As for why the BSA made the decision it did, it had to. The Supreme Court ruling gave protective status to Gays, just as the Supreme Court gave protective status to Blacks and Women over past decades. There is a difference between supporting and allowing something to happen. The BSA now allows Gay Leaders. God loves all his children.

      Now we can move on and help those boys have a meaningful Scouting experience at all Levels (Cubs through Venturing). This was, when those boys grow up to become tomorrow’s leaders – they will love and serve the Young Men as their leaders served and loved them.

      1. Carl Minks says:

        I’m not sure you have really thought about the threat of litigation that now hangs over the heads of the local priesthood leaders who are being tasked with serving roles in the chartering and management of the ward scout troops. It is now only a matter of time until a Bishop is forced into litigation with the extremely powerful Gay Rights lobby. Of course, the church will be there to support and defend. Regardless, the cost will be enormous. Of course, God loves gays, he still isn’t going to start calling them as ward scout masters.

        You don’t seem to appreciate the difficult position the BSA placed the general leaders of the church in after their “dark of night” decision. Can you imagine the possible results of the church publicly divorcing itself from the BSA after such a politically charged decision? The church is left with little choice but to maintain the status quo until it is able to quietly and deliberately make adjustments that will remove itself from threats of costly litigation.

        The church does not need the BSA, the BSA needs the church. Outside the US and Canada the “Duty to God” program is the activity arm of the Aaronic priesthood. It was developed to give Aaronic priesthood in other countries the benefits of the BSA. The “Duty to God” program is much different outside the US. The church is more than able to provide our youth with all the training and support they need with or without the BSA.

        As for the rest of your claims, I would think the tens of thousands of missionaries produced in countries outside of the U.S. not to mention the many priesthood leaders and increasing numbers of general authorities would be proof enough that the priesthood can function fine with out the scouting program. President Uchtdorf turned out pretty terrific with out the BSA.

        I had, as a youth, some memorable and positive experiences with scouting, now as a member of a bishopric over the young men I am happy to support the programs of the church, including scouts. I also can see how it will be difficult for many members to continue in the scouting program with the same confidence as before.

        It is clear that eventually the church will be forced to sever it’s ties with the BSA as it has with other similar organizations internationally. It is sad but the Gay Rights lobby has made it very clear that religion is their next major target. Unfortunately, the decision by the BSA has increased the church’s exposure to this dangerous agenda.

        I mean no disrespect to anyone here and I hope I am wrong, but it is hard for me at least, to share your optimism in this case. I believe the BSA has forced the church into a position where it will have to make changes in order to protect the organization and it’s members from litigation. The church will not do this in a public way that attracts negative media attention, it will happen quietly and deliberately. Just this week in a steak aux training meeting we (young mens leaders) were told (by stake leaders) to place a renewed emphasis on the “Duty to God” program.

        1. JD says:

          Carl – I would encourage your local Stake leaders to attend the Aaronic Priesthood Training at Philmont next Summer. Here is a link to the Outline of the program that the Brethern are using to train Priesthood Leaders about YM. Priesthood and Scouting is better than just Scouting or Priesthood. I just attempt follow the Brethren and the Spirit. If you feel differently, then do what you feel is right. As for the 10’s of 1000’s of missionaries produced outside the Church – there is a BIG difference in their ability to lead compared to young men who had a great Scout Program in their Ward. There are always individuals who will be leaders without Scouting, but Scouting would make them even better leaders.

          Priesthood Leadership Conference on Scouting

          1. Carl Minks says:

            Our Stake President and his councilors did attend the last Philmont Training they barely got back before the BSA made the announcement. I myself attended the Little Philmont held at BYU Hawaii several months ago. President Beck was there, and he was released a short time later during the April Conference.

            I already said I’m happy to support the programs of the church including scouting. We expected our stake presidency to come back very excited about scouting. Instead we have only heard direction about keeping the sabbath day holy, reducing the number of meetings that infringe on family time, and a need to make sure that the “Duty to God” program is getting at least equal time with scouting.

            I did hear something about attending wood badge training coming up. Our scout master and his wife, who is over the 11yr old scouts, are going to attend. So far none of our gay members has asked to serve in scouting (we do have a few) but it could happen sooner or later. Then we will have to tell them they cannot serve because they are not living the standards of the church. I wonder how that is going to play out.

  12. R. Newell says:

    I would like to iterate a couple of things: 1. The BSA has NOT changed their sexual conduct policies! regardless of sexual orientation, ANY sexual interaction IS STRICKLY PROHIBITED! 2. A person who is Gay is NOT automatically a predator, they are NOT going to teach these kids to be “GAY”, Scouts are taught and expected to show love and compassion for their fellow man. When I was a Boy Scout, I was a member of several troops in three different cities. The first was run by a professional Scouter, we hiked parts of the Pacific Trail near Mt Rainier and enjoyed a good amount of quality Scouting activities, it was the picture Scout Troop. The next city and Troop was organized by people who “Had” to be there, so activities were sub-standard and pawned off on someone who should not have been there without 2 deep leadership. The difference in those 2 Troops was the people running the program, NOT the program itself. I have a son, who is now 21, the Scouting program is one of the most important things in his life, he is an Eagle Scout, he is a Council member of a Venturing crew and former VOA officer. The difference I feel is parental involvement, and leaders who know and love the Scouting program. I feel the LDS Church can do better at this, in my opinion a lot of wards fail the program miserably! My son had the Best Leaders available! and that makes all the difference in the world!

  13. Steve says:

    Great article. Duty to God is not and was never intended to be an activity arm. It is a great way for PARENTS to be more involved in the spiritual development of their sons. The previous Dury to God had some activities, but the current program is not activity-centered.

  14. Jeffrey Ansley says:

    I am glad the Church decided to stay with scouting. I was brought into the Church via scouting and think it is a great missionary tool. I have witnessed many scouts and scouters brought into the Church through scouting and thought it would have been a crying shame for us to leave the program. I like that the BSA has said that the Church can decide who is worthy to lead its youth. It removed the shackles that bound us before — now any worthy adult male can lead scouting within the church. Those who think that scouting should go did not experience the same program that I did and I continue to serve scouting on many levels and even a non-LDS Boy Scout troop.

  15. Dee Williamson says:

    I have been registered in the Boy Scouts of
    America for 48 years. I am so thrilled that the Church has made this decision. I feel it is very important though to be sure that we chose leaders who fulfill one of the eight methods of scouting (those who have had the training should recognize this) and this of adult role model. I’m sure that we will. As has been said in the basic leadership training, young men emulate and copy their scout leaders. Their influence at this age is a lot of time more influential than even their parents. This is why ALL parents need to support their units even if they are not “called” in a scout calling. The committee needs your help. Go on outings with your young men and help. We need to be sure that our youth are given every opportunity to see the gospel in action.

  16. Leland W ach says:

    I have read the posts and feel the time for discussion is over. The Lord has spoken. We believe in
    modern day revelation, where ever it applies. Faith leaves me to believe, that the Lord is watching over us and his young men throughout the world. I have been serving in the Boy Scouts of America for over 44 years. It has been the path that the Lord has shown me to follow. I now will be leaving to serve a Mission for 18 months and will miss this wonderful Organization for the first time many years. My heartfelt gratitude for all who have volunteered their time in BSA.

  17. Aaron Nelson says:

    Thanks for sharing these views.
    A few of my own thoughts:
    #1 Apostles and prophets have counseled us to treat all people with kindness and respect (and a Scout is kind). If you haven’t already, please visit the Church’s website on LGBT-related issues “”); retaining our affiliation with the BSA gives us an opportunity to show love and civility at a time when rhetoric and emotion seem to be winning the day.
    2) The BSA’s “new” policy is similar to the policy which Scouts Canada adopted over 10 years ago. Even then, the Church chose to retain Scouting as the activity arm for Canadian boys and YM. I’m an American who has lived in Canada for the last 3 years. This ‘live and let live’ approach seems to be working fine – I’m hopeful that results will be the same south of the 49th parallel.
    #3 Abandoning the BSA would have been a great loss for the church. Culturally, we Mormons tend to be a bit insular in our socializing. The BSA is a fantastic opportunity for us to be actively involved in our communities.

  18. Travis says:

    I have nothing personal against scouting, but I am disappointed by the decision to stay for now. I think we should have gotten out a long time ago. I am not saying Scouts is bad. I got my Eagle and had a good experience. I realize the brethren are in a no win situation here and there are going to be causalities no matter what you do, so letting some of the LGBT stuff blow over is probably wise. I do believe that they are eventually going to cut direct ties with the BSA, and assume they will encourage any that want to, to stay involved with it. My main problems with the current LDS BSA Relationship have less to do with the Gay issues and more to do with:

    1. You can’t Outsource the Priesthood

    I personally have seen greater growth within the gospel and stronger testimonies of Jesus Christ through other activities like Helaman’s Camp, Youth Conferences, Firesides, non-Scout related mutual activities, etc. Priest age YM that I thought had no interest in serving a mission did a complete 180 after attending a Helaman’s Camp. Although Scouts builds good character, it doesn’t fulfill the ultimate purpose of the gospel nor does it deliver the saving ordinances. I have seen a lot of people who are fully active in Scouts and receive all the awards, however get through their youth without a real testimony of the gospel. We should focus on Testimony Building activities and helping people see God’s Hand in all things instead of outsourcing to just one program. I think we should encourage our youth to get involved in any worthwhile activity that interests them such as sports, scouts, trail life, debate, drama, etc. and then use the YM/YW programs to bring it all back to the gospel of Jesus Christ and help develop testimonies. This may not have to happen every Tuesday. I am fine with youth going different ways to build character weekly and then bringing those experiences back to Church, regular activities, etc to share and build upon. I fully support encouraging boys and adults to stick with the scouts if that is what they like and want to learn from. I would also encourage them to try a few other quality programs. I got involved in a lot of business clubs in High School and can honestly say they did as much for me as Scouts did to build good character.

    I don’t think Scouts was intended to govern the priesthood as it often seems to. I believe Scouts was supposed to be just 1 tool in the tool box to help build character. However, anymore, if you don’t “Implement” Scouts properly according to many, you are doing it wrong. The die hards like to talk about it and point fingers which in turn often puts the Scouts overly complicated & inefficient system ahead of the priesthood. The confusion and Strong Arm Tactics ultimately causes frustration from people who just try to follow the spirit on what is best for the boys, which frankly may not be scouting. It isn’t supposed to be the activity arm of the Aaronic Priesthood. The manual says it is “Part” of the activity arm of the priesthood. One tool. I think YM and Scouts would ultimately run more efficiently and accomplish their goals better if they were not one and the same in the church.

    2. You can’t take a one size fits all approach with Scouting

    Yes Scouts is a great program and many people have learned great things, but it isn’t for all youth or adults, nor should it be. Many would argue that Scouts should have a greater influence in the church and we should get our YW involved as well and it has something to offer for everyone. While that may be true, it isn’t necessarily the right fit for everyone. Yes there is a merit badge for just about everything, but it isn’t the same thing. Some kids want to focus on sports, drama, debate or other things where they can be equally great missionaries. Often times they feel like the church just isn’t for them because they aren’t interested in Scouts and ultimately leave the gospel. We shouldn’t try to put all youth through the same square hole. We should focus on the redeeming gospel of Jesus Christ within the church which is meant for every person on earth and not force secular third programs on our youth even if they are great programs.

    Too often it feels like the “Gospel of BSA” conflicts with the “Gospel of Jesus Christ” and frankly feels like a different religion at times for me. I often get this sick feeling around members who profess the doctrines of the BSA and don’t have that same foundation in the Savior. Yes BSA is probably more tangible for some, but it shouldn’t supersede the Gospel and that is why it needs to be detached from the priesthood. If the Gospel isn’t your thing and you just want to do Scouts, then you can do that, but they shouldn’t be sold as a “Bundle Deal”.

    3. Gospel Membership shouldn’t be attached to any 3rd Party Secular Organization

    This is very similar to the “Separation of Church and State”. Just like a Government of and for the People can’t run correctly if it is biased toward one religion or philosophy, the Gospel of Jesus Christ can’t impart the saving ordinances if it is biased by a third party organization of any kind “good or bad”. The Gospel should be a safe harbor where all Souls can come and be taught and uplifted by the Teachings of the Savior without any secular influence. There we will be better to go into the world without “being of the world”.


    I care about each one of you even though I don’t know you. I truly appreciate all the time you dedicate to Scouting and the Gospel. I don’t want the BSA to fail in anyway. I just believe the Church would be better off without the Scouts directly attached to the Priesthood. Frankly I think the Scouts would be better off without the Church connection as well. Honestly, I doubt they would care if it weren’t for the money and mass membership that comes by default as soon as a boy turns 8.

  19. Dave says:

    Friends of Scouting with the recent developments. I am really struggling with the Friends of Scouting campaign given the way the National Scouting Office seemed to marginalize our concerns. I am one who has donated for several years and has led several FOS campaigns. But I am struggling now, thinking it might be better to donate scarce dollars to an individual LDS troop to assist a needy scout rather than to an organization who seems to have other priorities. Any thoughts on how I can improve my thinking? Our next campaign is coming soon.

    1. Scott says:

      Dave, I have had the same thoughts and issues all over our Stake. FOS in our entire area has fallen tremendously. I can only say be prayerful and follow the Prophet. That is where he is going so why not faithfully go with all diligence? Good luck.

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