Vision 2020: A Philmont Opportunity For Latter-day Saint Families

Have you ever wanted to take your family to Philmont Scout Ranch? This summer is your chance!

Come to Vision 2020, a unique opportunity for Latter-day Saint families to attend the Philmont Training Center together and learn the skills necessary to continue Scouting! This exciting new Philmont course is a catalyst for increased knowledge and energy among the Scouting community and will set the groundwork for important membership development as Latter-day Saint families transfer to new units in 2020 and beyond.

This invigorating week at Philmont will provide specific support, training, and information to help Latter-day Saint Scouting families find a new charter organization, start a Scouting unit, organize a committee, recruit youth, train adult and youth leaders, fund raise, develop an annual plan, and learn other skills necessary to continue Scouting with energy, increased knowledge, and optimism in 2020 and beyond.

Come enjoy the trademark family events of Philmont: spouse activities, children age-groups, youth mountain trek, family hiking, western night, children’s parade, family dancing, campfires, and so much more! A memorable family vacation!

Dates: Saturday, June 13th – Saturday, June 20th, 2020

Registration Click Here.

Bring the whole family for a unique and exciting Philmont experience!

(The Vision 2020 conference is sponsored by the Boy Scouts of America.)

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  1. Gary Sanford says:

    I am very interested. Do I just go to the Philmont site to register?

    1. LDS-BSA says:

      Please send an email to We will send more information to interested applicants.

    2. LDS-BSA says:

      Please send your information to as stated at the end of the blog.

    3. LDS-BSA says:

      No, please follow the instructions at the bottom of the blog.

    4. LDS-BSA says:

      Registration for this course will take place through the Philmont website:
      However, interested participants must first submit an email to Those selected to attend will be notified by December 2018.

    5. LDS-BSA says:


      Please send an email to with Vision 2020 in the subject line.

  2. LDS-BSA says:

    Please send an email to We will send interested applicants more information.


    What is the cost? First come first serve? Was are the dates of June 15&22 for?


    What is the cost? First come first serve? What are the dates of June 15-22 for?

    1. LDS-BSA says:

      The cost is the same for all the PTC conferences. The date of the conference is June 15-22. Special Saturday arrival for LDS Scouting families. If you are interested in attending please follow the information at the bottom of the blog.

    2. LDS-BSA says:

      Cost details are available on the PTC website:
      The course begins on June 15th, 2019 and ends on June 22nd, 2019.

    3. LDS-BSA says:

      Jesus, Please send an email to with Vision 2020 in the subject line.

  5. Chris Pariseau says:

    This is a great opportunity for those who wish to attend Philmont. But, your local council is equipped with professionals and volunteers to help you also with this process (or at least SHOULD be).

  6. Jerry Browner says:

    It sounds like a great idea, is this done through the PTC- Philmont Training Center? Also would doing this count as a visit to Philmont for the master track award?

    1. LDS-BSA says:

      Yes, this training will be held at PTC and yes, it would count toward the Master track award.

    2. LDS-BSA says:

      Yes, this course is offered through PTC.

  7. Ken King says:

    Jerry – since it is a PTC course, yes, it would meet a requirement for the master track award.

  8. Ed Morrow says:

    I am working on a project for Commissioner Science. Could you send me a summary of what you will offer in your training. I am mainly interested in how to transition a Latter-day Saint boy and family into a traditional troop.


  9. David J Ellis says:

    This is a nice opportunity, but all the training that you need can be found in your local councils. Scouting does not need you to have a degree in rocket science. All of the courses including wood badge will teach you all about what you need to do scouting. It is not that difficult. There are even manuals you can get that provide you with meeting ideas for up to five years. It just nobody uses the tools that are available.

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