The Final Years of Latter-day Saint Scouting: 2013 – 2019

Few chapters in the Latter-day Saint Scouting history have more flair than the final six years of the partnership, from 2013 through 2019. As both the Church and the BSA experienced major changes, relationships grew increasingly vital and—in some cases—became stronger than ever before. ~2013~ During January 2013, the BSA announced plans for a possible […]

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The End of a Legacy

Today is an historic day.  December 31, 2019, marks the end of the legendary LDS-BSA relationship. For the past 106 years the Church and the Boy Scouts of America have partnered together in one of the most iconic and powerful relationships in history.  The Latter-day Saint Scouting relationships office—which officially closes today—was initiated in 1951 […]

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Mac’s Message #82: Don’t Leave the Path

Today everyone seems to be familiar with the book, The Hobbit, even if only from having seen the trilogy of Hobbit movies. In one passage, Gandalf separates from Bilbo and the dwarfs at the edge of Mirkwood Forest to go slay a dragon. Before he departs, Gandalf leaves with a stern warning, “Don’t leave the […]

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