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Vision 2020: A Philmont Opportunity For Latter-day Saint Families

Have you ever wanted to take your family to Philmont Scout Ranch? This summer is your chance! Come to Vision 2020, a unique opportunity for Latter-day Saint families to attend the Philmont Training Center together and learn the skills necessary to continue Scouting! This exciting new Philmont course is a catalyst for increased knowledge and […]

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Scouting Message to Moms

As we have continued our involvement and journey in Scouting and while trying to recruit or help other families do the same, I have encountered two very common concerns about Scouting expressed mostly by mothers of young boys or former Scout moms. While they recognize the benefits and intentions of doing Scouting, they have become […]

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Still Scouting… in Texas

By Chuck Jewell Two cities.  Two Latter-Day Saint youth.  One scouting program. Amarillo, Texas Benjamin Jewell was moving from Cub Scouts to Scouts BSA when the Church stopped using the BSA as the activity arm of the priesthood.  He was very interested in going on to Scouts BSA, but he was one of only a couple in the […]

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It’s Not About the Badge

While serving as Young Men General President, one of the most exciting parts of General Conference training sessions was the question-and-answer session at the end. In fact, each evening I could hardly wait to get to that part of the program because of the scintillating and searching questions that were asked. One evening an Aaronic […]

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A Report From the Field – Frankfurt, Germany

It is amazing how things are created – take, for instance, this “Report from the Field” which originally was to be titled “A Note from the Field.” It was intended to reflect wonderful letters from our members and supports around the world – and started with a letter from Bill and Donna Collins, currently in […]

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Finding a Youth or Eagle Service Project

By: Trevor Bender and Amy Tadlock   During the pandemic, it has become increasingly difficult for youth to connect with non-profit organizations to provide service opportunities for an Eagle project or to complete Religious Award service requirements. Some youth have contacted multiple organizations, churches, non-profits, and community centers trying to find an individual to assist in […]

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