Significant BSA Awards Presented to Distinguished Church Members

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Allen, DantzelleSilver Antelope2007Spouse of Past LDS-BSA Relationships Director
Anderson, J. PatrickSilver Antelope2012
Ashton, Marvin J.Distinguished Eagle Scout1988Apostle
Ashton, Marvin J.Silver Antelope1963Apostle
Ashton, Marvin J.Eagle Scout1963Apostle
Backman, Robert L.Silver Antelope1983Quorum of the Seventy
Backman, Robert L.Silver Buffalo1986Quorum of the Seventy
Backman, Robert L.Distinguished Eagle Scout1986Quorum of the Seventy
Backman, Robert L.Eagle Scout1957Quorum of the Seventy
Bean, James H.Silver Buffalo2002BSA Western Region Chairman
Bean, James H.Silver Antelope1989BSA Western Region Chairman
Beck, David L.Silver Buffalo2014Young Men general president
Beck, David L.Silver Antelope2013Young Men general president
Benson, Ezra TaftBronze Wolf1989Prophet
Benson, Ezra TaftSilver Antelope1951Prophet
Benson, Ezra TaftSilver Beaver1961Prophet
Benson, Ezra TaftSilver Buffalo1954Prophet
Bishop, RomaSilver Antelope2012BSA Western Region
Bishop, Wayne R.Silver Antelope2001BSA Western Region
Bostwick, Jeffrey S.Silver Antelope2015BSA Western Region board member
Brady, Rodney H.Silver Buffalo1982Past President & CEO Deseret Mgmt
Brady, Rodney H.Silver Antelope1976Past President & CEO Deseret Mgmt
Brock, Danny R.Silver Antelope2015BSA Western Region board member
Buckner, E. LamarSilver Antelope1983Utah State Senator and 78 yr member of BSA
Bulloch, HowardSliver Buffalo2018BSA Western Region
Burch, William B.Silver Antelope1972Mr. “Bolo Tie”
Burgess, Dean R.Silver Antelope2009Young Men general presidency
Cannon, George I.Eagle Scout1937Quorum of the Seventy
Clarke, J. RichardEagle ScoutQuorum of the Seventy and Presiding Bishopric
Clyde, PaulSilver Antelope2014Past President, Utah National Parks Council
Cook, Mervin “Ray”Silver Antelope2006
Curtis, Elbert R.Silver Buffalo1971YMMIA General Superintendent
Curtis, Elbert R.Silver Antelope1952YMMIA General Superintendent
Dahlquist II, Charles W.Silver Antelope2006Young Men general president
Dahlquist II, Charles W.Silver Buffalo2007Young Men general president
Dellenbach, Robert K.Silver Antelope2000Young Men general president
DesBarres, John P.Silver Buffalo2004
Disney, JohnSilver Antelope2011
Dollar, Gary S.Silver Antelope2009BSA Western Region Varsity Chair
Earnestburg, EmmaSilver Fawn Award1971
Earnestburg, EmmaSilver Antelope1996
Featherstone, Vaughn J.Eagle Scout1948Quorum of the Seventy and Presiding Bishopric
Featherstone, Vaughn J.Silver Buffalo1988Quorum of the Seventy and Presiding Bishopric
Featherstone, Vaughn J.Distinguished Eagle Scout1990Quorum of the Seventy and Presiding Bishopric
Featherstone, Vaughn J.Silver Antelope1977Quorum of the Seventy and Presiding Bishopric
Gibson, Larry M.Silver Buffalo2015BSA Western Region President
Gibson, Larry M.Silver Antelope2010Young Men general presidency
Gibson, Larry M.Distinguished Eagle Scout2006Young Men general presidency
Goaslind, Jack HEagle ScoutPresidency of the Seventy
Goaslind, Jack HSilver Buffalo1995Presidency of the Seventy
Grant, Eugene L.Silver Antelope2015BSA Western Region board member
Grant, Heber J.Silver Buffalo1939Prophet
Grassli, MichaeleneSilver Beaver1986Primary general president
Grassli, MichaeleneSilver Antelope1989Primary general president
Groberg, John H.Eagle Scout1948Presidency of the Seventy
Groberg, John H.Distinguished Eagle Scout1988Presidency of the Seventy
Gubler, KenSilver Antelope2016BSA Western Region
Hammond, F. MelvinSilver Buffalo2003Young Men general president
Hanks, Marion D.Silver BeaverPresidency of the Seventy
Hanks, Marion D.Silver Antelope1970Presidency of the Seventy
Hanks, Marion D.Order of Arrow1978Presidency of the Seventy
Hanks, Marion D.Silver Buffalo1988Presidency of the Seventy
Hanks, Marion D.NESA 1st Honorary AwardPresidency of the Seventy
Harbertson, Robert B.Eagle ScoutQuorum of the Seventy
Hedman, DavidSilver Antelope2016BSA Western Region
Hill, George R., IIIEagle ScoutQuorum of the Seventy
Hill, George R., IIISilver Buffalo1993Quorum of the Seventy
Hinckley, Gordon B.Silver Buffalo1994Prophet
Hinckley, Gordon B.Silver Beaver1986Prophet
Holland, Jeffrey R.Distinguished Eagle Scout2000Apostle
Holland, Jeffrey R.Eagle Scout1955Apostle
Redd, HughSilver Antelope2016BSA Western Region
Hunsaker, J. RussellSilver Buffalo2013
Hunsaker, J. RussellSilver Antelope2006
Hunsaker, R. LawrySilver Buffalo2004
Hunsaker, R. LawrySilver Antelope1994
Hunter, Howard W.Eagle Scout1923Prophet
Hunter, Howard W.Distinguished Eagle Scout1978Prophet
James, William R.Silver Antelope2002BSA Northeast Region
Johnson, Glendon E.Silver Buffalo1990
Johnston, Robert J.Silver Antelope2012
Kemp, Jr., Albert L.Silver Antelope1987
Kimball, Spencer W.Silver Buffalo1984Prophet
Kimball, Spencer W.Silver World Award1977Prophet
Kirkham, Oscar A.Silver Antelope1949Council (Quorum) of the Seventy
Knight, Lyle R.Silver Antelope1994
Knight, Lyle R.Silver Buffalo2003
Lant, CherylSilver Beaver2007Primary general president
Lant, CherylSilver Antelope2010Primary general president
Lee, Harold B.Silver Buffalo1963Prophet
Lifferth, MargaretSilver Beaver2008Primary general presidency
Marriott Jr., J.W.Silver Buffalo1994Ouorum of the Seventy
Marriott, J. WillardSilver Buffalo1980President & CEO Marriott Corporation
McAllister, Frank R.Silver Buffalo2003Past National Executive Board member
McCarthy, CarolSilver Buffalo2017BSA Eastern Region
McKay, David O.Silver Antelope1956Prophet
McKay, David O.Silver Buffalo1953Prophet
Menlove, Coleen K.Silver Buffalo2005Primary general president
Menlove, Coleen K.Silver Beaver2003Primary general president
Miller, RichardsSilver Buffalo2005National Eagle Scout Association Chairman
Moffat, Paul L.Silver Antelope2014LDS-BSA Relationships 1913 Society Chairman
Monson, Thomas S.Silver Fox (Canada)2011Prophet
Monson, Thomas S.Bronze Wolf (World)1993Prophet
Monson, Thomas S.Silver Buffalo1978Prophet
Monson, Thomas S.Silver Beaver1971Prophet
Morris, George Q.Silver Antelope1944Apostle
Neider, Michael A.Silver Antelope2008Young Men general presidency
Oaks, Dallin H.Distinguished Eagle Scout1984Apostle
Oaks, Dallin H.Eagle Scout1947Apostle
Parmley, LaVern W. Silver Buffalo (First woman)1976Primary general president
Parmley, LaVern W.Silver Antelope1975Primary general president
Perkins, Jan T.Silver Buffalo2004BSA Western Region Board member
Perkins, Jan T.Silver Antelope1994BSA Western Region Board member
Perry, ChristineSilver Buffalo2016Spouse of Past BSA President
Perry, Wayne M.Silver Antelope2004Past President Boy Scouts of America
Perry, Wayne M.Silver Buffalo2006Past President Boy Scouts of America
Petersen, Mark E.Silver Antelope1961Apostle
Peterson, H. BurkeEagle Scout1948Quorum of the Seventy and Presiding Bishopric
Peterson, H. BurkeDistinguished Eagle Scout1990Quorum of the Seventy and Presiding Bishopric
Pinegar, PatriciaSilver Beaver1998Primary general president
Pinegar, Rex D.Silver Antelope1988Presidency of the Seventy
Redd, HughSilver Antelope2016Northeast Region President
Redd, HughSilver Buffalo2020Former BSA Northeast Region President
Reynolds, SydneySilver Antelope2005Primary general presidency
Reynolds, SydneySilver Beaver2005Primary general presidency
Rich, DavidSilver Antelope2011Past President, Trapper Trails Council
Richards, LeGrandSilver BeaverApostle
Richards, LeGrandSilver Antelope1958Apostle
Russell, Ray L.Silver Antelope1971BSA Western Region Board member
Russell, Ray LouisSilver Buffalo2012BSA Western Region Board member
Shumway, Naomi M.Silver Antelope1980
Shumway, Naomi M.Silver Fawn Award*1973Primary general president
Simpson, Robert L.Eagle ScoutQuorum of the Seventy and Presiding Bishopric
Simpson, Robert L.Silver Antelope1973Quorum of the Seventy and Presiding Bishopric
Smith, George AlbertSilver Beaver1932Prophet
Smith, George AlbertSilver Buffalo1934Prophet
Snow, Steven E.Distinguished Eagle ScoutPresidency of the Seventy
Sowards, Paul A.Silver Antelope2015BSA Western Region board member
Stapley, Delbert L.Silver Antelope1957Apostle
Stapley, Delbert L.Silver Buffalo1961Apostle
Tanner, N. EldonSilver Buffalo1969Apostle
Tanner, N. EldonSilver Acorn, Silver Wolf CanadaApostle
Walker, Arnell R.Silver Antelope1996
Weierman, Sue J.Silver Buffalo2002BSA Western Region
Wickman, Lance B.Silver Buffalo2009Quorum of the Seventy
Wilson, David A.Silver Antelope2013Philmont Chaplain Coordinator
Wixom, Rosemary M.Silver Beaver2013Primary general president
Wixom, Rosemary M.Silver Buffalo2014Primary general president
Workman, AngeSilver Antelope2017BSA Western Region
Young, Dwan JacobsenSilver Beaver1981Primary general president
Young, Dwan JacobsenSilver Antelope1986Primary general president
Young, Dwan JacobsenSilver Buffalo1990Primary general president

*Silver Fawn Award (1971-73) council award was the female equivalent of the Silver Beaver Award.

(Source: Online ‘ Cubbing Through the Decades’)

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