How to Plan an Activity


  • Fillable Venturing Activity Planner   You can print the completed form and save it  on your computer.
  • Venturing Activity Interest Survey  This form contains a list of about 80 activities, tours, projects, and seminars. Each crew member fills out the form (indicating what his interests are) and suggests activities in which he would like to participate. These surveys will be used to develop the program of activities throughout the year. The fillable form can be completed, printed, and saved to a device or
  • Blank Planning Template: This form contains a meeting/activity agenda which can be filled in and used by the youth leaders as they plan their events.

For more information about planning crew activities visit the online Program Features for Troops, Teams, and Crews

For additional ideas and help with planning activities please visit the LDS Church Youth Activity Website

LDS Church Youth Activity Website
Vanguard Scouting