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Leader Training and Registration

Scout Leader Registration

See instructions for new Scouting leaders on how to register with the Boy Scouts of America, as well as Church policy regarding the necessity of registered Scout leaders.

Scouting Positions Calling List

This checklist contains the key points which a bishopric member should convey to a prospective leader concerning the time commitment for the new Scouting calling, including registration, required training, youth and adult meetings, and so on.

Wood Badge Training Comments

Wood Badge is the highest level of adult Scouting training available. Read Charles W. Dahlquist’s comments on the importance of this training to enhancing the Scouting experiences of young men.

Awards Information

On My Honor Youth Award 

The On My Honor Award is the LDS religious award for Boy Scouts. Details are available at (Aaronic Priesthood > Scouting).

Faith in God for Boys

A boy may begin to work on the Faith in God Award when he turns eight years old. To earn the award, he must complete the requirements in the Faith in God for Boys guidebook before his twelfth birthday. His parents, Primary leaders, and Cub Scout leaders can help him with the activities. Some of the requirements may be completed simultaneously while working on his Cub Scout Religious Square Knot requirements.

Faith in God and Scouting Video

 Help the boys you work with to learn timeless values, while they have fun participating in meaningful, gospel-focused activities.  Learn how the Faith in God and Scouting programs dovetail to help prepare your Scouts to receive the Aaronic Priesthood.

Cub Scout Religious Square Knot

The Cub Scout Religious Square Knot is the LDS religious award for Cub Scouts. It must be earned before a boy turns eleven. Requirements and suggested activities are available at (Primary > Scouting in Primary > Cub Scouting).

Cub Scout Religious Square Knot: Description, Checklist, and Certificate

When a Cub Scout has completed the requirements for the award, he may be presented the signed certificate along with the religious emblem patch. He can save the certificate in his Faith in God for Boys guidebook.

On My Honor Adult Recognition

The On My Honor Adult Recognition may be given to adult Scout leaders, including Cub Scout leaders. For requirements and details about the award, see On My Honor Adult Recognition at

2017 Jamboree Compass Award

The Compass Award was produced for the 2017 National Scout Jamboree at The Summit and is no longer available.

George Albert Smith Award

The George Albert Smith Award was produced for the 2010 National Scout Jamboree and is no longer available.

Thomas S. Monson Award

The Thomas S. Monson Award was produced for the Centennial year (2013) and is no longer available.

Mormon Battalion Trail Award

To earn the new and more extensive trail award, please contact the Mormon Battalion Association. The new Mormon Battalion Historic Trails Award can be earned by Cub Scouts, Boy Scouts (including eleven year-old Scouts ), and their leaders (including committee members).

Scouts With Disabilities

Scouts With Special Needs

Find out how to work with Scouts who have physical or cognitive disabilities as they participate in the Scouting program.

Abilities Awareness: Essentials in Serving Scouts With Disabilities

Find new ways to assist Scouts with disabilities. This document includes the following topics: adaptive options and ideas, appropriate peer and adult supports, how to have a joining conference with a new family, planning successful outings, conversation starters, and how to slow down activities.

Cub Scouts With Special Needs

View section 7 from the 2015 Cub Scout Leader How-To Book to get ideas about working with a Cub Scout with special needs. Learn how to prepare the other boys for the new Scout’s first den meeting and read about ways to help all your Scouts feel accepted and competent.

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