General Resources

Leader Training and Registration

Wood Badge Training Comments

Wood Badge is the highest level of adult Scouting training available. Read Charles W. Dahlquist’s comments on the importance of this training to enhancing the Scouting experiences of young men.

Scouts With Disabilities

Scouts With Special Needs

Find out how to work with Scouts who have physical or cognitive disabilities as they participate in the Scouting program.

Abilities Awareness: Essentials in Serving Scouts With Disabilities

Find new ways to assist Scouts with disabilities. This document includes the following topics: adaptive options and ideas, appropriate peer and adult supports, how to have a joining conference with a new family, planning successful outings, conversation starters, and how to slow down activities.

Cub Scouts With Special Needs

View section 7 from the 2015 Cub Scout Leader How-To Book to get ideas about working with a Cub Scout with special needs. Learn how to prepare the other boys for the new Scout’s first den meeting and read about ways to help all your Scouts feel accepted and competent.

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