Youth-Led Leadership: Scout Troop

Youth-Led Leadership

Often we hear, “In the Aaronic Priesthood, the quorum president holds the keys.  He is the one who leads the quorum.”  But what does this really mean?

How does a 12-year-old or 15-year-old quorum president come to understand what it means to hold and apply those keys?

As an Aaronic Priesthood adviser and a Scouting leader, you can help the young men you serve come to an understanding of what it means to hold keys and how they can practically use those keys to bless and strengthen the young men in their quorum and troop.

After watching the following video, we invite you to go through each question below (in order) to gain a better understanding of how to help your quorum president/senior patrol leader effectively lead.

What Does It Mean to "Minister in the Aaronic Priesthood"?

Miracles can happen as advisers like you help young men in the Aaronic Priesthood come to understand and fulfill their responsibilities as priesthood holders. Please review the following video and observe what happens as young men discuss and accept the responsibility to minister to their fellow quorum members.


Questions to consider:

  • What responsibilities do quorum presidencies have to quorum members? (Refer to and discuss Handbook 2, 8.3.2)
  • What responsibilities do the adult advisers have? How do those responsibilities differ from the quorum leadership?
  • Would it be beneficial to review Handbook 2, 8.3.2 with the quorum presidency you advise?

How Do We Empower Youth Aaronic Priesthood Leadership?

Real growth and miracles occur, as advisers understand the role they play, and allow the Aaronic Priesthood leadership to exercise the keys they hold. Watch the video below and observe how these advisers were able to be a support to their quorum leadership without taking over their responsibilities:


Questions to consider:

  • What responsibilities do the adults have to the quorum?
  • What responsibilities does the quorum leadership have?
  • Who holds the keys in each Aaronic Priesthood quorum?

What is the Real Purpose of an Aaronic Priesthood Quorum Presidency Meeting?

It can often be difficult to help young men understand their duties and responsibilities as a member of a quorum presidency.  It can also be a challenge to help them learn to lead.

One of the most important and helpful tools is to hold regular quorum presidency meetings.  Watch how these young men conducted themselves in a quorum presidency meeting:



  • Who conducted the meeting?
  • What role did the adults fill in the meeting? How involved were they?
  • How will regular and effective presidency meetings help ensure youth-led leadership in everything the quorum does?

How Can We Ensure Aaronic Priesthood Presidency and Quorum Meetings Are Effective?

Questions to consider:

  • What can you do to ensure the quorum you advise holds regular and effective quorum presidency meetings?  Consider using the attached Sample Quorum Presidency Meeting Agenda.  Also review Handbook 2,  8.9.3 (Quorum Presidency Meeting).
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