Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  1. I am not registered in Scouting but would like to work on this religious Award with my son or daughter. Can I earn the religious award?
    While we encourage you to work with your youth on this award, this is a Scouting award and can only be earned by someone registered in Scouting.

  2. I am a Latter-day Saint who is registered with a Scouting unit outside the Boy Scouts of America. Can I earn the Light and Truth/Vanguard Award?
    Youth between the ages of 6 and 10 who are registered in any World Organization of the Scout Movement (WOSM) affiliated Scouting program may earn the Light and Truth Award. Youth between the ages of 11 and 17 registered in a WOSM-affiliated Scouting program may earn the Vanguard award for youth and any registered adult in a WOSM-affiliated Scouting program may earn the Adult Vanguard Award. Those who are not registered in Scouting may use the award requirements for their personal development but may not receive the award.

  3. I am a collector of religious medallions. Where can I get/purchase a copy of the Light and Truth and Vanguard Awards to add to my collection?
    Like the Eagle Scout badge and other Scouting awards, this award is not for sale and must be earned by a registered Scout.

  4. My brother/sister or son/daughter is working on the Vanguard Award in his/her troop. I am not registered with the BSA. Can I earn the award?
    This is a Scouting award and the recipient must be a registered Scout. Parents and others are welcome to fulfill the requirements as part of their personal development plan but only registered Scouts or registered adults can qualify for the award.

  5. I am registered with the BSA but do not live with my parents.  Who should sign the award in place of my parents?
    Your guardian can verify your application and sign for the award.
  6. I noticed that the instructions do not provide information as to where I can order the medallion once I have earned it.  What do I do when I have earned my Vanguard Award?
    Turn in the completed application form to your Scouting leader. They will be given the instructions for ordering the award.

  7. I have already earned the Family Life merit badge and the Genealogy merit badge. I need two electives for the Family Relationships requirements. Can I get credit for one or both of these merit badges?
    Merit badges earned while a registered Scout can fulfill the requirements. While not required, you may choose to earn an additional substitute or fulfill another requirement or elective in its place if you already have the specified badge.

  8. I have already earned the Cooking merit badge.  Can I get credit for that as one of the two electives under “Missionary Preparation?”
    Merit badges earned while a registered Scout can fulfill the requirements. While not required, you may choose to earn an additional substitute or fulfill another requirement or elective in its place if you already have the specified badge.
  9. The Service section requires a service project.  I have a lot of trouble finding a service project in my community, especially with Covid-19 challenges.  Are there any resources to help me find a local service project to meet requirement No. 2?
    Most Council websites have a location giving suggestions for Eagle Projects in their area.  In addition, Vanguard is in the process of creating an on-line national database of service organizations with the correct point of contact for a youth to reach out to for service ideas.  We hope to have this database operational before the end of 2020.

  10. I am 18 and registered in a Venture Crew.  Can I get the adult Medallion?
    You should apply for the award based on your BSA registration (youth or adult) at the time of completion. If you are 18 or older and registered as an adult when you complete the requirements you should apply for the adult award.
  11. Can I get credit for similar activities accomplished in my ward for the Church’s youth achievement program? Activities done as part of the Church’s youth achievement program that meet the requirements for the Light and Truth or Vanguard awards can be used to fulfill the requirements. However, with the exception of merit badges already earned (see above), actions previously accomplished before the applicant begins to work on the Vanguard Award (such as reading the Book of Mormon last year), should not be used to fulfill the award requirements.

  12. Can I receive my Vanguard or Light and Truth medallion in a Church meeting?
    Since this is a Scouting award and not a Church award, it should normally be presented in a Scout meeting and not in a Church meeting.

  13. We have some special needs Scouts.  Are there special accommodations for those Scouts to earn the Vanguard or Light and Truth Award?
    Scouts should complete as many of the existing requirements as possible. Once the Scout’s best has been done to the limit of the Scout’s abilities and resources, parents or leaders of special needs Scouts may request special consideration or revised requirements, if necessary, by contacting the Vanguard International Scouting Association. Normally, it is expected that youth with only moderate learning disabilities, or such disorders as ADD or ADHD can—albeit more slowly—complete standard requirements.

  14. I am a registered Scout in a country other than the United States. My Scouting organization does not have the merit badges listed in the requirements for the Vanguard Award. What do I do?
    If you are not part of the Boy Scouts of America, but are registered with a WOSM-affiliated National Scouting Organization, accomplish the requirements described in the BSA merit badge pamphlet, or another comparable award for your National Scout Organization.

  15. I am not a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, but am registered in a unit with some Scouts from your Church.  I have already earned my denomination’s religious award.  Can I earn the Vanguard (or Light and Truth) Award?
    Yes, you are welcome to earn the award if you fulfill all the requirements.

  16. I am a Scouting leader and have Scouts in my unit who are working on the Vanguard/Light and Truth Award. Where do I learn how to conduct a reflection interview before I submit the application?
    The Vanguard website has a great blog on conducting those interviews. BSA also has resources available for doing Scoutmaster conferences that can be helpful.

  17. I am an adult leader and want to work on the Vanguard religious award. I understand that I need to have a “reflections interview” after I have completed all requirements. To whom do I go for my leader interview: My COR? My District Commissioner or Unit Commissioner? I am the ward Elder’s Quorum President. Could I go to the bishop for my interview, since it appears that knowledge of the Church would be at least helpful?
    Because this is a Scouting award, you should go to the leader over your registered Scouting position. For example, if you are a member of the troop committee you should go to the committee chairman. If you are the committee chair you could go to your unit commissioner or the COR. A unit commissioner could go to the assistant district commissioner.
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