Angel Moroni Neckerchief Slide

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LDS BSA Angel Moroni Neckerchief Slide

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3 reviews for Angel Moroni Neckerchief Slide

  1. Greg Weidman (verified owner)

    looks nice but will not work on all neckerchiefs. The opening to put the neckerchief through is too big for all but the very heaviest of neckerchiefs and is not adjustable. My suggestion would be to turn the ring around so the open end can be squeezed together to make a smaller opening.

    • LDS-BSA

      You just need to bend the center of the back in and it works great.

  2. Edward

    A beautiful slide for which I have received many compliments, but Brother Weidman is right – the opening is too large. Not only that but the metal is too hard and, likely, brittle, to bend in the back without great force that would risk damaging the slide. I secured a tab on the inside with some glue and haven’t had any problems, but if any more are produced, they should feature either a smaller opening or a way to adjust the sizing. It would be worth it though; other than that one issue it is indeed an exceptionally well-designed and attractive slide.

  3. LDS-BSA

    This problem has been resolved. We encourage you to order one during this last few months of the partnership.

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