Scouting Spouses #2: Thinking of Going to Philmont? A Guide for Nervous Spouses

The first time I went to Philmont Scout Ranch was as a 14-year-old youth. I had a great experience! My older sister and I participated in the backpacking Mountain Trek. We said goodbye to our families that first day and then spent the rest of our Philmont time hiking through the backcountry, sleeping in tents, […]

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Scouting Spouses #1: The Scouting Spirit

“I’ve got that Scouting Spirit up in my head…” You have likely heard or sung that song at a campfire or pack meeting. And it may be your most—or least—favorite tune. But all music aside, I’m writing today about the Scouting Spirit. There is an undeniable spirit in Scouting. I can’t fully explain why, but […]

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Scouting Moms and Scouting Spouses: Time to Share!

“There is value in having women’s voices influence Scouting. It is often the mothers who make Scouting happen and help their sons through the process,” (“A Conversation with Sister Rosemary Wixom,” May 22, 2014). I was with Sister Wixom in 2014 when she made this statement. And I believe it. Women influence Scouting. Just as […]

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