Mac’s Message #77: The Combined Power of Philmont and Wood Badge Training

Imagine a heavenly place where faithful, stake priesthood leaders—along with their families—meet in a beautiful mountain setting to learn why Scouting is so crucial to the Primary and Young Men programs in the Church. Now imagine another outdoor setting where faithful Scouting leaders—both members and non-members of the Church—learn how to conduct the Scouting program […]

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Scouting Spouses #1: The Scouting Spirit

“I’ve got that Scouting Spirit up in my head…” You have likely heard or sung that song at a campfire or pack meeting. And it may be your most—or least—favorite tune. But all music aside, I’m writing today about the Scouting Spirit. There is an undeniable spirit in Scouting. I can’t fully explain why, but […]

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Stan’s EYO Scouting Blog #5: Be a Trained Leader

I just got back from the first and second week of a Sunday-friendly Wood Badge course where I served as the senior patrol leader. Wood Badge has a magic all its own that inspires adults to lengthen their stride and achieve excellence in Scouting. It is the local council’s “top of the ladder” in training. […]

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