不过侦察: 来自密歇根州的家庭思考

在马太福音 13:33, 耶稣教导说:“天国好像面酵, 有妇人拿来, 藏在三项措施, 直等全发酵“。

当我还是一个十几岁, 我曾经做了一个批次饼干. Lacking experience I didn’t realize that there was a problem with the baking soda. It was very lumpy! I made the cookies as I always did, and they looked and smelled delicious. But when I bit into the first beautiful cookie, I discovered my mistake. Whenever I encountered a lump of baking soda the most dreadful taste would overwhelm the delicious cookie-ness and the whole batch was ruined!

我得到的教训是显而易见的: Leaven doesn’t work when it all ends up in a lump. 而是, leaven works best when it is evenly distributed throughout the dough.

As followers of Jesus Christ we have a responsibility to be actively engaged in our communities. When we clump together—only associating with members of our own congregations, only participating in activities sponsored by our own church—we miss valuable opportunities to be the leaven that the world so desperately needs. 此外, 我们常常黯然加强基督徒的评判和氏族定型.

Throughout my life I have come to feel that the real reason we tend to stick together as Church members is because it is easier. Too often we are timid or afraid to put ourselves in “走出教堂” 生怕不适或嘲笑的情况下,.

这很容易在教堂里交朋友,但 (至少对于我来说) 更难以在其他设置. 我努力使对话与陌生人或移动从“同事”关系到“朋友”。

在今年12月, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints will end its partnership with the Boy Scouts of America. When I heard about this change I was shocked. Our family has been involved in our Latter-day Saint Scout troop since our oldest son was a toddler. My husband and I have served in a variety of callings in our ward including Scoutmaster, 委员会成员, 委员会主席, den 领袖, and commissioner. For us, Scouting in the Church has been a wonderful and natural way to reach out into our community. Just by showing up to Roundtable and other meetings and training opportunities, 我已经与谁共享许多相同的价值观和目标,我做的一些惊人的人,人的关系; 人谁是热衷于服务和青年, 人们谁不害怕有乐趣.

教会消息公布后, 我们讨论的侦察在我们家的未来,不再有后期圣徒单元的影响后,今年来参加. 我们还考虑我们的愿望为我们的孩子, 和仍是自然的结果被卷入侦察.

特别, 我们讨论过了:

1) 我们的孩子目前和未来的需求

2) 为我们的家庭目前和将来的时间承诺

3) 该侦察还为我们提供了当前和未来的机会参与我们的社区.

我们的结论是,以响应我们的孩子的需求, 我们最肯定想要什么球探已经积累了一些我们的女孩和我们的孩子都. 主要, 性格和领导力发展以及冒险和友谊,甚至我们末世圣徒后,队伍已经结束.

为了应对侦察参与的时间承诺, we decided that we are already 将在我们目前那段时间教会租用部队和包, 所以在今年年底转移这些时间到社区组和部队将是相同的.

最后, we desire to be in our community. Our Church family is so wonderful and important to us, 但我们 (our family our Church) are part of a community. There are people all around us who need the love, 服务, 友谊, and leadership that Scouting can help provide. By participating in the Boy Scouts of America we can bless the lives of 很多人, young and old alike. We believe it is 总是 in everyone’s best interest when more of the youth in our communities learn to make “moral and ethical choices throughout their lives.”

结论, whether your family chooses to continue in Scouting after this year or searches out other community opportunities that better fit your interests and needs, I invite you to remember that the Lord has commanded us to be leaven; 和, though we are few in number, we can have an uplifting influence on the world around us when we reach out and participate in our communities.

~Contributed by Bernice H. Oliver

Sister Oliver currently serves as a Wolf Den leader and an adult Sunday School teacher in the Wyoming Ward, 大急流城密歇根桩号

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  1. Jim VanderRoest 说:

    Bernice–好放在, as I’d expect from a great Scout family like yours. Your WB Scoutmaster approves this message!

  2. 希拉·福雷克(Sheila Foraker) 说:

    Outstanding commentary! 谢谢.

  3. 布雷特·比比 说:

    Very inspiring! 谢谢.

  4. Mac 麦金太尔 说:

    Outstanding point. 现货上. Thank you so much for giving members of the Church a wonderful reason to stay involved in Scouting.

  5. 哈维安布拉斯特 说:

    I completely agree with your thoughts on how involvement in Scouting help us to work with others outside the Church. I had great conversations with Scout Leaders who were not of our Church during Wood Badge Training. These are great people who want to help youth succeed. They sacrifice many hours of training and service.
    My question for you is (as I will face this issue real soon) how will you participate in other Troops that plan many activities on Sunday?

  6. Bernice Oliver 说:

    Thanks for bringing that up Harvey. And my answer is that I don’t really know yet. Our family has had several conversations on the topic and here’s what we’ve decided so far: 1) it is ok for us to pack up and go home Saturday night even if everyone else is staying and 2) the more involved my husband and I are in the troop/pack/crew the more influence we can have over the decisions that are made.
    Maybe we will have to pass on some camp outs. I expect the Lord will show us the way forward as we step out into the unknown.

  7. Scott Weed 说:

    Thanks for sharing such an important truth. I think in the past, one of the most commonly overlooked benefits of scouting in the Church was the opportunity it gave our leaders to rub shoulders with some of the best members of our communities; these other scouters are people committed to the ideals of scouting, *voluntarily* choosing to serve.
    Changing gears here: maybe I’m reading between the lines too much, but it has come up so often lately in articles and conversations that I get the sense people are forgetting that the Church will be rolling out a *replacement* program for everything scouting was for our 8-18 y.o. boys as well as for the young women. As parents of two girls and four boys, my wife and I are so excited and hopeful because we trust that, as great as scouting has been for our children, the new programs will be even better! So as Church members, we’re not losing a youth programwe’re gaining a new one that better meets their needs.

  8. 乔治重量 说:

    Very good question, 哈维安布拉斯特. Part of the answer lies in returning to an “老式” idea of tolerance. We can expect many who otherwise lead respectful, ethical lives but do not believe in or honor a sabbath day to plan Sunday activities. We can also expect those who view their Sabbath to fall on Friday Evening to Saturday or on Saturday itself (犹太, Seventh Day Adventists, 等。) to not want to participate on those days. Others who consider themselves religious but don’t support organized denominations will have their reactions as well.
    It comes down to respecting others, making our own choices, and not expecting everyone to be supportive of every activity.
    Much will depend on how actively involved parents become at the unit committee level. Reasonable people in committee meetings can work through the diverse needs of their member families and youth.

  9. ona ottis mwakutuya 说:

    Very inspiring indeed, 谢谢, i will share your story with all the members of our group.

  10. Greg Pedlow 说:

    Speaking as a former Troop Committee Chairman of a BSA troop at SHAPE (NATO’s Supreme Headquarters Allied Powers Europe) in Belgium and a non-LDS Scouter, I can assure you that non-church BSA units are quite prepared to be flexible in planning and conducting activities. We had several LDS families in our troop from a previous LDS BSA unit at SHAPE that had disbanded before I came into our troop, and we knew that these leaders and Scouts need to depart weekend campouts on Saturday evening, so we planned accordingly. I am sure your church will develop a great program for your youth, but I have to agree with Bernice’s views about the importance of interacting with individuals outside your church. I think you all already know that most of us non-LDS Scout leaders have very similar views to yours about about the importance of families, proper values for youth, good citizenship, and the benefits that Scouting brings to young people, even if we may not share the same religious beliefs, and I encourage LDS families to remain active in Scouting.


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